Volunteer with your Time

Building Projects

Do you have special skills, such as carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other skills that can help our seniors with more involved renovation projects?
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Senior Lifestyle aka Chores Program

We need Volunteers to mow yards with their own equipment.

We need Volunteers with handyman or general minor home maintenance skills.  Some of the minor repairs that we do are: change light bulb, replace rotten flooring, fix the workings of a toilet, install a light switch, install grab bars in shower/bath, and deliver bath seats or other items on our “wish list”.  
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For both Building Projects and Senior Lifestyle, donation of your time or providing services at a reduced rate is appreciated in reducing our 2017 budget amount of $40,700.


Transportation Needs

In Cherokee County, less fortunate seniors are able to use CATS for transportation.  However, the available times and locations do not meet all the needs of our seniors.  Therefore, we created a system where volunteers can register as to their availability to help transport Seniors to appointments at off hours or outside of Cherokee County if needed.  
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Professional/Admin/Office Skills

If you are retired, were you a professional in the working world with accounting, legal, sales, marketing, fund raising, or grant experience?  If you could donate some time with these skills, it would be invaluable in helping with our fund raising and administrative needs.
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