Stand Up For Seniors - About Us
Stand Up For Seniors - About Us
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Supporting Our Senior Neighbors

Stand Up For Seniors in Cherokee County

Stand Up for Seniors

Stand Up for Seniors a.k.a. The VAC is a non-profit organization established in 2000 by volunteers who raise money and awareness for the needs of low-income seniors and senior veterans in Cherokee County.

Our Mission

"We seek to address Cherokee County's seniors' unmet basic needs."

Our Vision

"We strive to ensure safety, security, and sustenance for our seniors by obtaining and directing resources from the community through donations, grants, fundraising, and volunteers."


Founded in 2000, the Volunteer Aging Council (VAC) works hand in hand with Cherokee County Senior Services to identify those senior citizens and aging veterans in need. The VAC is now Stand Up For Seniors.

How we Help

Donations have allowed Stand Up For Seniors to sponsor other programs such as the “Last Stop”. This program offers limited financial assistance to seniors and elderly veterans when other options are not available. Stand Up For Seniors will pay the bills directly for rent, utilities, pharmaceuticals, and temporary housing due to homelessness.

In addition, we have safety programs for purchasing extension grabbers, shower chairs, and installing enhanced safety features such as ramps and bathtub/shower grab bars.

Safety and Hygiene Solutions

Financial Assistance

Building Projects