helping low income seniors
Assisting Our
Senior Neighbors
In Cherokee County
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We have seniors without a/c or refusing to turn it on to save money

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We have seniors who are living in unhealthy conditions

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We have seniors in wheelchairs whose homes are inaccessible to them.

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We have seniors trying to decide between paying for medication or electricity.

Stand Up For Seniors How we help seniors
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we volunteer

Stand Up For Seniors is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to raising funds and awareness, for the needs of low-income seniors and senior veterans in Cherokee County.

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we work with ccss

We work together with the Cherokee County Senior Services programs to help meet senior’s needs that are not currently covered by programs already in place.

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we Raise Funds

We create events and gather support from private donors, local organizations and businesses in Cherokee County to raise funds to help low-income seniors and senior veterans.

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we fulfill important needs

We help seniors with basic necessities, emergency food supplies, home repairs, emergency assistance and being an ambassador in our community.


Working Together to Assist Senior’s in Need


Stand Up For Seniors
You can help make a difference. Volunteer. Help with Fundraising. Be an ambassador to the community.


2019 - The VAC Benefit Luncheons are held on the THIRD FRIDAY of the month from 11:30AM - 1:00PM
  • January 18 - Windsor House
  • February 15 - Provident Village
  • March 15 - Benton House
  • April 26 - Camellia Place (4th Friday)
  • May 17 - Manor Lake
  • June 21- The Arbor at BridgeMill
  • July 19 - Tranquil Gardens
  • August 16 - Cameron Hall of Canton
  • September 20 - The Lodge at BridgeMill
  • October 18 - The Waterford at Hidden Lake
  • November 15 - The Oaks at Towne Lake

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