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Our Programs Focus on Supporting the low income Elderly and Senior Veterans

The funds we raise assist in benefiting some of Cherokee County Senior Services' programs and help meet seniors' needs that are not currently covered by programs already in place.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides meal supplements (Ensure) for homebound and low-income seniors and senior veterans age 60 and above who are nutritionally at risk.  The VAC supports this program in several ways.

“Last Stop” Financial Assistance

This program provides funds for the emergency needs of seniors who have exhausted all other means of assistance. This includes emergency needs such as rent, minor medical costs, dental care, utilities, temporary housing, and other unexpected expenses for those living on a fixed income.

Senior Comforts 

Many seniors in Cherokee County do not have air conditioning or cannot afford the cost associated with operating their air conditioning unit during the summer months.  The VAC provides box fans and in extreme conditions tries to accommodate with window air conditioners.  During the winter months provide portable heaters to low income and homebound seniors.

Volunteer Driver Program  

Volunteers provide needed transportation to seniors for various appointments in locations that are not served by CATS or at times when CATS is unavailable. Outside wheelchair capable vehicles are also utilized for this program. Any senior in a wheelchair can be transported with a two-week notice prior to the need.

Senior Hygiene & Incontinent Help 

We provide hygiene products to seniors as needed and includes paper products, bed pads, and adult disposable underwear. See our Wish List page.

Health & Safety Renovations

We help provide for the repair and/or improvement of other household features that enhance the quality of life for the homebound, frail and struggling low-income seniors in Cherokee County.

Volunteers build ramps for wheelchair-bound seniors, allowing safe entry and exit from their homes. This program also provides home improvements that make day-to-day life easier and safer for seniors by installing shower grab bars, grip tape, and other items.

Volunteers assist homebound seniors with basic chores such changing light bulbs, and other minor routine home maintenance concerns.

This program is always in need of pressure treated materials to build ramps, extended porches, etc. to provide safer access to our seniors' homes. When the VAC undertakes larger renovation projects that require an expanded need for supplies any donation of Gift Cards from Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Target are greatly appreciated.

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Bathroom After

Wheelchair Ramp

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