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The Need

Nearly one in five Cherokee County residents are seniors

(20% of our residents)

Over 4,200 of those seniors live below the U.S. single poverty level of $13,000 per year with senior veterans comprising over 60% of the total.

Cherokee County is ranked No. 2 in overall numbers of homeless veterans in Georgia’s 152
designated rural counties. 

Groups attempting to count homeless numbers have identified over 20 homeless camps in Cherokee County alone.

Facing tough choices like food or medicine seniors forego necessary medical care in order to make it to the next day. Utility bills remain unpaid and many have no air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter if they have a place to live at all.

⇒ 4,200 seniors live on $13,000 per year

⇒ Senior veterans = 60% of seniors in poverty

⇒ Cherokee County is ranked No. 2 in homeless veterans

⇒ Over 20 homeless camps in Cherokee County

There are many stories to tell.

“Ted”, a recent amputee with no immediate family, was confined to his wheelchair inaccessible house and resorted to calling the fire department to rescue him in order leave the premises for care.

“Sally”, who is incontinent, can’t even afford toilet paper.

“Jim” and his wife could no longer afford the rent and were displaced on a Friday afternoon with $30 to their names and nowhere to go for the night.

Your help has provided hope in each of these cases but the need for others remains.


Working Together to Assist Senior’s in Need